Three people are riding bicycles along a beach path with the sun setting in the background.
An aerial view of a beachfront urban area with buildings, streets, parked cars, and people; palm trees and the ocean are in the background.
Two individuals are walking with surfboards along a path lined with palm trees at sunset in a seaside setting.
A group of five people walking on a sunny palm-lined street, one person on roller skates, all casually dressed and appearing happy.

    Hotel On Venice Beach Boardwalk 


    A must-see for visitors to the SoCal area, the world-famous Venice Beach Boardwalk is a mile and a half stretch of promenade featuring street vendors and performers. Stay at the Air Venice hotel and enjoy being at the foot of the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Visitors will be delighted to street performers including break-dancing, broken glass walking, mimes, musicians, jugglers, jesters, fortune tellers, and more.